About us

All what you need to know about Geo Africa Sciences society

In short

This is our goal, since we started in 2010, by creating GASS, a NGO in Norway (Org N:995 824 396), where it is still based, to attract and gather worldwide geoscientists interested by any aspects of geosciences related to Africa. The Statute was agreed and is published in 3 languages (Norwegian, English and French).

From academic to economics interests, through water, mining, oil, gas, geoengineering, environment protection, you are all welcome to be member, to contribute, to sponsor. Don’t worry, your financial contribution will be used only for geoscience purposes, in the transparency. Since 2010, every year the financial report is published in the website and can be downloaded by everyone (Financial Reports).

Any geoscientist, student or veteran, in any place is most welcome to contribute and/or to be GASS member.
The door is also open to anyone who is a geo-lover, attracted for hobby sake, without being involved directly in geosciences.

Evolution of GASS

Since 2010 we grew up to about 100 members, 1 sponsor, about 10% of the members are contributing, so it is the result of our own efforts. In this modern global world one has first to exist to a point that global, continental and national organisations, public or private, will look at you! How many organisations and companies are based and have interest in Africa? In the fields of Oil, Mining, Water? Up to date, no one from all these organisations looked at us and sponsored with any piece of money!

That’s clear, that WE, geoscientists from all the world, attracted by Africa, need first to exist and build up our GASS.


We launched a couple of tasks, such as a newsletters, (Previous Newsletters), Open Books related to Geology of Algeria and to some Geosciences Specialities but unfortunately it was not possible to keep on, because we are lacking contributions. We still expect to launch the GASS Bulletin and the GASS Newsletters with a new look.

We suggested to gather some know-hows and expertises in Geo-Think-Tanks related to Mining in AfricaOil & Gas in Africa and Water in Africa and suggested some research projects related to very important water situations, (go to Only GASS members).

there are so much to do, so interesting projects to attract geoscientists form all around the world, first of all from Africa. Don’t waste time, start now by filling up the application form or contact us, you are most welcome!

Our teams

Hakim Benayad

1st Vice-president

Abdelkader Saadallah

3rd Vice-president