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IUGS Chronostratigraphic Charts 2014 V2


Sequence Stratigraphy

Sedimentary sections are subdivided by a variety of surfaces that envelope them and enclose discrete geometric bodies of sediment. The partings with the greatest frequency are those in shales but bedding planes are the commonest of these surfaces…

To know more go to:


Practical Sequence Stratigraphy By Dr. Ashton Embry


Structural Geology & Tectonics (From GSA)

Christian Teyssier, University of Minnesota (USA): Structure, Tectonics, And Metamorphic Petrology (January, 2013)


Joann Stock, California Institute of Technology (USA): Widespread ignimbrite constrains tectonic history of the Gulf of California (February, 2013)


Peter Hennings, ConocoPhilips (USA)  The Modern Dimensions of Petroleum Structural Geology and Suggestions for Strengthening the Link between Academia and Industry (March, 2013)


 Robert Stern, University of Texas-Dallas (USA): When did Plate Tectonics begin on Earth, and what came before? (April, 2013)


Mark Quigley, University of Canterbury (New Zealand): Earthquake clustering, complex fault ruptures, and the geologic record (May, 2013)


Marin Clark, University of Michigan (USA): Did the lower crust flow on Mars? (June, 2013)


Christie Rowe, McGill University (Canada): What Makes a Good Proposal? Reflections on Funding for Structural Geology & Tectonics Research in Three Nations (July, 2013)


Micah Jessup, University of Tennessee (USA): Mid-crustal processes in the Himalaya (August, 2013)


Sarah Titus, Carleton College (USA): My liberal arts life (September, 2013)


Peter DeCelles, University of Arizona (USA): Tectonics as Purpose in Geological Field Camps: The Necessity of Hitting the Road, and Implications for Geological Field Stations (October, 2013)


Haakon Fossen, University of Bergen (Norway): Let the rocks talk (November, 2013)


Mark Jessell, University of Toulouse (France): Structural Geology and Tectonics Research for Development in Africa (December 2013)


Main Geoscience Associations

IUGS (The International Union of Geological Sciences)

AEGS (The Association of European Geological Societies)

AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists)

SEPM (Soceity of Sedimentary Geology)

SGF (Société Géologique de France)

The Geological Society (of London)

GSA (The Geological Society of America)

ICSU (The International Council for Science)



IAH International Association of Hydrogeologists

Water (The USGS Water Science School)


Petroleum & Energy:

African Petroleum Magazine

Petroleum Africa

OPEC Basket Price

World Oil


Exploration & Production


IEA (International Energy Agency)

Geo365 (Oil & Gas in Norway)

Oil Field Magazine




Mining Journal


Dictionary of Mining



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