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Welcome to GeoAfricaSciences Society (GASS) home page! GASS is a Global and Continental organisation.

Since the beginning of 2014, GASS has a new look, thanks to the professional contribution of Fawzi.

The previous website did its way and was no more fitting with the progress GASS made since April 2011 to December 2013, collecting more than 3100 hits.


GASS has more resources, manpower should I say, but not yet financial. More Geoscientists are involved allowing us to go further to meet members worldwide, Geolovers of Africa.

Are you attracted by Africa, and/or Geosciences? In both cases, we welcome you!

Want to be a member? Just fill up the Application form ToBeMember ( download it by clicking here ) and send it to abdelkader.saadallah@gmail.com

We took initiative to create this Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), based in Norway and so under Norwegian laws and rules, fuelled by “…a non-profit organization aiming to build up network between members and to promote exchanges, information, spread knowledge in GeoSciences and related other disciplines. Africa remains the main goal, and so GeoAfricaSciences members should always keep this in mind.

GeoAfricaSciences as much as it can be, helps members:

  • Develop their skills,
  • Initiate businesses,
  • Improve/modernise activities of theirs institutions and companies…”

To check out this NGO, go to http://w2.brreg.no/enhet/sok/detalj.jsp?orgnr=995824396

Statute is there in Norwegian, English and French; we thank Kurt who helped us during the administration process to create GeoAfricaSciences Society. To get the statutes, just click here to download it!

One of the most important issue highlighted in the statute is TRANSPARENCY, therefore we will regularly post the main information illustrating the state of GASS, program, activities, and its financial situation.

There are great types of ongoing jobs, Open Books; we kick off by posting and improving progressively. Open Books are a none-ending manual, updated on regular basis, members can access.

Some of them are already in the pipe, such as:

Presentation of African countries analysed under Geosciences. In this regard, we start with Algeria: “Algeria Analysed by Geosciences”.

Contribution of anyone is most welcome!

Outline of Geosciences discipline. Structural Geology, including Borehole Imaging, is posted and will be improved on regular basis.

You are most welcome to contribute!

Discussions are ongoing and we are expecting soon, to start Golden Africa, related to Gold in Africa, Sismotectonics, and Hydrocarbons in Africa.

Are you interested to contribute? Contact us!

We are thinking to launch the GASS Bulletin, a first editing team was born and is already on duty preparing most of the tasks related to this great challenge.

Are you ready and willing to help? You are most welcome!

In this new version of the website there is a domain reserved for members to access to the Open Books and other information about GASS.

To get the newsletter, you have to log in, members or not, with a username and a password.

There are other documents public such as the Annual Reports, anyone can access without logging in.

We invite you to submit articles to our co-revue JHMER : JOURNAL OF HYDROCARBONS MINES AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH (http://jhmer.univ-rennes1.fr)

Opportunities related to jobs, trainings, scholarships, and businesses, we collect from different sources are sent to members.

A forum of discussion is already ongoing in LinkedIn gathering 1644 geoscientists, on March 19, 2014 (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3663140&trk=my_groups-b-grp-v), you are most welcome to join and share experiences.

Version # 2 (March, 2014)

Dr. Abdelkader Saadallah, President Founder of GeoAfricaSciences Society, Stavanger (Norway) March 19, 2014.



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